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Guy ''Chuck'' Chackarov is an emerging director, cinematographer and an award winning photographer based in London, UK. 

His works are mostly related to music and recently he stepped into the world of filmmaking.

Since he remember himself, cinema and music have always been his biggest passions, as he is always looking for stories to tell and to create breathtaking visuals to bring the stories to life.


Awards & Mentions

Winner of The Art Awards 2021 

First Class Honours from the London Metropolitan University 

Winner of The Goethe Institution ‘’Don’t Tell Me how to be a Woman’’ competition


LensCulture 2021 Portrait Awards - Featured on the competition’s Gallery


WEX 2020 Student Awards - Shortlisted


Photo Co-op 2021 ’’Everyday Beauty’’ competition - Shortlisted 

''Her Story'' Exhibition at the London Metropolitan University, 2020

London Metropolitan University Film Festival, 2019

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